• Ultrasound of breast and pelvis organs to detect impalpable tumors and evaluate the endometrium
  • Additional ultrasound appointments during pregnancy to check fetal growth
  • 3D/4D ultrasound
  • Doppler examinations to check the fetal nutrient supply
  • First trimester screening for risk evaluation regarding genetic disorders
  • Examinations for gynecological infections
  • Thin-layer cytology for early detection of cell mutations at the uterine cervix (ThinPrep®)
  • IUD insertion (e.g. Mirena®, Jaydess®, Kyleena), copper coil (GyneFix®)
  • Extended test for fecal blood or proteins for intestinal cancer check-up
  • Urine test to exclude bladder tumors
  • Urine pregnancy test
  • Insertion and removal of hormone rods (Implanon®)
  • Examination for sexually transmitted diseases
  • Cosmetic-esthetic counseling and treatment, anti-aging such as Botox therapy
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