From pregnancy test and regular examinations for mother and child through to preparation for the birth as well as subsequent aftercare, midwife consultation, and the "Babyglück" app, which accompanies you during pregnancy

Medical check-ups

Early diagnosis, for example, of breast diseases, uterine and ovarian cancer thanks to regular check-ups


Competent advice on all options, for example the pill, the three-month injection, hormone rods, all kinds of loops and the copper coil (GyneFix®)


Questions about menstruation, sexuality, contraception, etc.


Protection according to the latest scientific developments as per the recommendations of the German Standing Committee on Vaccination

Desire to have children

Counseling and determination of the most fertile days, drug support and treatment

Sexually transmitted diseases

From sex education to prevention and treatment

Cancer aftercare

According to the applicable guidelines

Incontinence advice

Diagnostics and treatment

Nutrition advice

Hormone and metabolism therapy

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